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Our business exists to help yours—and we can do so in a range of ways. From Health and Safety Inbox Management to documentation and more, there are many small but crucial tasks which require large amounts of time and attention. They chew up hours which business owners and managers could be better spending in their areas of expertise, growing the business and serving their customers and clients.

With LH Safety Ltd you can reclaim some of your time and focus on the work that moves you forward. Our professional, experienced assistants are able to efficiently complete the tasks given. Busy managers and owners of small business often find themselves rushing through the Health and Safety Administration work so they can get back to the jobs that involve their special skill and passion. This means that details are missed, and mistakes made. Having your own Health and safety Consultant dedicated to tasks that they know—and have the skills and experience to do well—means quality results.

We will become a seamless, reliable, and indispensable part of your team. Get in touch to discuss how LH Safety Ltd can free you up to do the work that excites you and drives growth for your business while we take good care of the rest.

Health and Safety Training
Have a crew of workers that need further training?

Health and Safety checklists / Inspections
Need us to come to you're workplace to conduct Site visits? Easy As.

Health and Safety Management System
Want the whole system? no worries at all, we can help! 

Site Specific Safety Plans
A one off plan to help you get on to your new projects! 

SiteWise / IMPAC Pre - Qualification Applications
We can submit them on your behalf and get you that high score!

General Documentation
SOP, JSEA, Hazardous Substance Registers, Risk Registers, covid - 19 Frameworks, Emergency plans

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We know we need to organize and manage our health and safety risk. A health and safety management system that is simple, designed to meet the needs of your business, and fully implemented will enable you to manage health and safety in a structured and systematic manner.

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